Pressure Reducing and Temperature Control Valves

Typically the full ball is used for on/off service but these can also be used for modulating service. The segmented ball valve was originally designed for control of slurry flows. The cost of these valves falls between that of the butterfly and globe valves.
Get in touch to discuss how we can customize our products to fit your machinery and improve your bottom line. ISO9001 certified factory ensures a quality, working product out of the box. As always, you may contact a Leonard Sales/Engineering Specialist for assistance. We have a specific low-temperature Fisher product line that has gone through exhaustive laboratory testing. Specify -60°C (-76°F) in van điều khiển khí nén – to two-year period for up to six hours in operation or storage. All our other resources including installation and maintenance guides, data sheets, case studies and videos can be found in the resource centre.
The Sonic conductance setting of the Valve parameterization parameter is for pneumatic applications. If you use this setting for gases other than air, you may need to scale the sonic conductance by the square root of the specific gravity. The change in opening area continues up to the limit of the temperature range of the valve, beyond which the opening area is a constant. Within the temperature range, the opening area is a linear function of temperature. A pressure control valve is a type of control valve that regulates the pressure in the system to regulate the torque of the hydraulic motor shaft or the force of the hydraulic piston rod.
They are common control elements used in the process control industry. They are similar to other control valves; however, the difference is in controlling process temperatures at a specific level. They are used to control the temperature of the fluid in compressors, engine jacket water, turbines, and so on. Often abbreviated as TCV, they are also used in cogeneration systems to control varying temperatures and ensuring the cooling of the engine.
The superior flow characteristics of these valves provide accurate temperature control to the requirements of ASSE 1017 across the rated flow range. As an added feature, the LF1170, LFL1170 series incorporates integral check valves and filter washers in both the hot and cold-water inlets to protect against cross flow. These valves also provide additional safety as they restrict mixed water out to a drip upon loss of cold-water supply to the valve. When the Sensing Bulb is mounted remotely from the actual point of heating the Circulation Pump MUST continue to run so that the sensing bulb can sample the product temperature in the heat exchanger.