7 Types Of Commercial Roofing Systems Explained Pros + Cons

These types of roofing are often used over supermarkets, shopping centres, schools and factories, and we have maintained and repaired many through the years. If you have a problem with the roof on your property, business or charity, contact us and we will be happy to help. I like that you mentioned that commercial flat roofs are more cost effective compared to the other options. I was driving on a highway yesterday and I just noticed how the commercial buildings below got varied types of roofs.
Materials include rubber rolls, EPDM, PVC, TPO, bitumen, and modified bitumen. However flat roofs are more prone to standing water and material degradation. While pitched roofs are seen in residential homes more than commercial buildings, they are still commonly used alongside flat and low-sloped rooftops.
Superstorm Restoration can help you choose the best commercial roofing material for your needs. Our experts can help you understand all the important factors to consider for your property and find the best commercial flat roofing materials for your needs. Contact us today to get in touch about protecting your property investment. There’s less material, so flat roofs are less expensive to install. This is just one of the reasons flat types of roofs on commercial buildings are more cost-effective than a sloped roof. While commercial roofing systems and residential roofs share the same primary function of protecting your property or residence from the elements, that’s where the similarities end.
You will find we are as invested in your objectives as we are in your roof staying healthy. ” Roofing Barrie recommend this company. No high pressure sales tactics. They tell you straight up what needs done, why their methods work and how much it’ll cost. I felt comfortable working with ACS.” We combine decades of experience with next-generation resources to help clients across the most demanding fields. Very professional, nothing has happened since it last rained so far everything has held up.
They have excellent weatherability and are puncture resistant with minimal maintenance. CentiMark Ltd. is the Canadian subsidiary of CentiMark Corporation, providing all of Canada with commercial and industrial roofing and flooring solutions. When summer’s blistering temperatures descend, they can also wreak havoc on a commercial roof. The intense seasonal heat can harm the roof’s sealant materials. Roofing systems undergo swelling and subsequent weakening when climatic conditions combine high humidity with high temperatures. SMARTCOAT is a comprehensive line of high-performance restoration products including roof wash, primers, mastics, coatings, reinforcing polyester, and walkway systems.
From VOC compliant low-rise foam insulation adhesives to membrane bonding adhesives, you can be confident that our adhesives add to the structural integrity of your commercial roof. Depending on when and where you are having your commercial roof installed, there is a possibility that rain or other conditions will make it impossible to work on specific days. Larger and more complex roofs, like high roofs, will obviously take more time to complete as they require more materials. The first factor to consider is the type of roof you’re installing, as well as the size and pitch of your existing roof. It typically takes five days to four weeks to install a commercial roof.