30+ Easy and Creative PTO Fundraising Ideas to Raise More

Participants would need to pay a registration fee and get to keep any items that they find. Create a hashtag for your fundraising campaign and use this to raise publicity for your project via one or more social media challenges. Host arcade games at a local gaming center in your community. You can strike a deal with the gaming center so that part of the proceeds from the games is donated to the fundraising campaign. Create a theme for this event, gather donated items, and host an auction.
For instance, if you’re raising funds for a medical cause, you can get students and teachers to dress up as different medical professionals. Encourage kids and parents to donate used books for your book sales. You can merge your book sales with another fundraising event like a bake sales or art exhibition. Use a Formplus order form to facilitate checkouts and transactions. As you can see from the profit chart below the lowest profit percentage you will make from using scratch cards for fundraisers is 85%.
This is a great method if you already have a list of phone numbers because it can be as simple as writing up a message. Use a special anniversary date or occasion at the school to coincide with your donation ask. Direct-Sellers are any product that you have in-hand to sell such as lollipops, Hershey’s candy bars, beef
sticks and scratch cards, usually priced between $0.50 and $5. The OneCause Fundraising Platform makes giving modern, flexible, and seamless to drive deeper engagement and grow your fundraising. Take a look at this versatile all-in-one fundraising software that meets the expectations of today’s donor, supporting any event, in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
Finally, have friends, family, and community members purchase your cookbook as a donation to your cause. Here are 5 ideas to finance your plane tickets, food, and accommodation. Host a game night where your community can enjoy a few board games at the local mosque. During Ramadan, this can help pass the time until iftar and get the community even closer together. If possible, have auction professionals teach you how to get donated items worth thousands of dollars.
Charge a small fee per game and give out fun prizes to encourage attendees to keep on playing. Whether you play traditional bingo or opt for a creative musical bingo theme (it is a band fundraiser, after all!), everyone is sure to have a fabulous time. Sell food and beverages throughout Bingo night to boost your earnings. For an upbeat, exciting environment, have band members provide musical entertainment between games.
It’s a good idea to hold this event as a part of a larger Halloween event, like trick or treat or a haunted house. That gives you the chance to attract last-minute entries to the contest. This fun Halloween-themed run will excite the kids and give parents some much-needed exercise. Put a twist on this staple Halloween tradition by asking for donations for your school while you are out trick or treating.
Ask for volunteers to act as referees or umpires for each game. You will need to find a location for the camp and instructors who are willing to donate their time. The instructors can be current or former athletes, coaches or physical education teachers.
A field day is perfect for younger kids who are in elementary school. What’s great about t-shirt fundraising is combining it with an in-person event. About a month before, have t-shirts made with the school’s name, logo, and event name, so all who are attending can wear their shirt on the big day. school fundraising idea has become the norm, and many booster clubs don’t feel like they can afford their own online donation software. Donorbox is a no-contract, affordable option for booster clubs like yours.
A typical example would be an individual asking for pledges to be collected once they complete a challenging or long-distance cycling trip. Did you know that you can raise money by inviting your friends out to eat? When you collaborate with a local restaurant, you can raise a portion of the night’s proceeds for your cause. And partnering with a restaurant isn’t as difficult as you might think. Finally, launch your campaign and spread the word about your t-shirt fundraiser via email, social media, and word of mouth.
It’s Personalized
Create a beautiful fundraising page for your school, educational club, or PTA with simple tools to upload images and videos. Tell your school’s unique story and help more people connect to your fundraiser. This educational fundraiser promotes reading and raises money for your school.